The Start of Something New for the Ioniq Guy

The Start of Something New for the Ioniq Guy

If you've found your way here then I assume you already know who I am. If for some reason you don't, I'm The Ioniq Guy and I cover all things Hyundai Ioniq brand related. This includes the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (which I'm lucky enough to own), the upcoming Ioniq 6, and relatively distant Ioniq 7 full-size SUV.

At any rate, I finally decided it was time to go ahead and create my own space, separate from YouTube and Etsy where I can share my thoughts directly with whoever wants to listen. 

This website will serve as a place to purchase my magnetic eyewear holder for the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and a place for blog style posts. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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I’ve a few questions about the Ionic5 (I’ve had my ‘order’ in for the Preferred AWD since March last year :( But I’ve enjoyed watching your Vid’s as they have given me very good info. Keep it up!

Question 1:
I was curious if you plug in your 120-V charger cable (the one that came with the car) into your Ionic5… but NOT into a wall power outlet… and then place a voltmeter across the male plug (on the cable)… do you get 120-Volts indicated?

In other words, does the car back feed 120-V through the 120-V charger cable in a similar manner as the V2L device?

If so, one could forgo the V2L device and just make a short Female-Female cord.

(as a side question: do you really need the V2L device as the car has an interior 120-V plug at the back seats? Or does this interior plug only work with the car ON?)

Question 2:
When I (finally) get my Ionic, I am seriously considering having something like the 3M protective Film (aka Clear Bra’s) installed at the front of the car to protect the paint, etc. I did this for a car I had several years ago, and it was a good investment (got hit by a large pebble – only damaged the 3M film).

How about a short Video on what the front of your car looks like with road chips hits on the paint – seeing as how you’ve done some long drives? Thoughts about using car protection film?

Thanks in advance!

Bruce Feuchuk

By the way, just so you know, I’ve already bought your center armrest divider, the trunk cover, and the rear seat back covers!!

Peter Jaeger

Hi – love your vids! I have a strange problem, a coin, or a nut, or a screw seems to have found its way into the base of the center armrest storage box in my IONIQ 5 . Every time I accelerate it slides to the back with a long, sliding noise, and every time I brake it slides to the front with another long, sliding noise. Do you know how to dislodge the armrest storage box so I can take whatever it is out of there?
Thank you!!

Peter Jaeger

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