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Magnetic Eyewear Holder - Two Tone

Magnetic Eyewear Holder - Two Tone

I decided it was time to add some color to the line-up! Now you can order a two-tone Magnetic Eyewear Holder in whatever combination you want. Rep your favorite sports team or your alma mater with this stylish accessory! This new design allows for the entire nose section to be slid out and replaced with whatever other color you may want down the line. Additional noses are available for purchase here:

I designed this magnetic eyewear holder after I purchased my Hyundai Ioniq 5 and realized there was no overhead storage console to store my glasses. 

This item will keep your glasses conveniently located right next to your steering wheel for easy access. It stays secured using a 1.25" rare earth magnet and the arms of your glasses stay scratch free thanks to a strip of felt where your glasses rest.

This item is made of PETG which is heat and UV resistant to the temperatures seen in your car when sitting in the hot sun.

This item will work well for holding glasses with plastic arm glasses such as Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Glasses with thin wire type arms will not sit as securely so we don't recommend it for those styles.

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