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Ioniq 5 Front Cup Holder Enlarger & Eyewear Holder

Ioniq 5 Front Cup Holder Enlarger & Eyewear Holder

This item does double duty as both a cupholder enlarger for oversized bottles AS WELL AS being a spot to store your glasses/sunglasses when not in use! I took my tried and true water bottle enlarger and tacked on my latest design for an eyeglass holder onto the front. You can place it so the glasses face away or towards you, whichever you prefer. This will work perfectly with 32/40oz Hydroflasks or 32oz Nalgene Bottles as pictured.

Please verify the diameter of your water bottle before ordering. Please contact me with special requests as I can easilly adjust the design for different sizes. 

I designed this device so that as well as holding a 3.6" (9.1cm) diameter water bottle, it also allows for usage of regular size water bottles. Both pop out tabs still function to keep a smaller bottle tight and in place. The sides extend nearly 2 inches beyond the bottom of the water bottle so even in hard braking situations, your top heavy bottle won't go flying. Trust me, I tested!

These are 3D printed in black PETG so they are UV and heat resistant to nearly 200°F (85°C)

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