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Ioniq 5 Ultimate Cupholder & Organizer

Ioniq 5 Ultimate Cupholder & Organizer

Behold, the ultimate Ioniq 5 cupholder doubler and organizer! Available in two sizes and two colors, this device will allow you to safely hold up to four beverages while also giving your phone a slot to live when plugged in for Android Auto or CarPlay. A small notch allows you to hook your USB cable so it doesn't get lost on the floor of your I5. You even get some nifty spots to store a couple of pens and some parking tickets or what have you. Included in every order are four pieces of adhesive backed felt that can be used to shim the inside edges of the cup holders if you bottle is slightly undersized.

Choose between the following options:

Small Version: Two additional 3.0" (76mm) cupholders, one phone slot 3.1" x .57" (78.7 x 14.5mm) with cord passthrough, two pen holders & two card slots
Large Version: Two additional 3.55" (90mm) cupholders, one phone slot 3.5" x .57" (88.9 x 14.5mm) with cord passthrough, two pen holders & one card slot

Please verify the diameter of your water bottle and size of your phone with case before ordering.

Both pop out tabs still function to keep a smaller bottle tight and in place. The extra cupholders extend 2.5" beyond the bottom of the water bottle so even in hard braking situations, your top heavy bottle won't go flying. Trust me, I tested!

These are 3D printed in PETG so they are UV and heat resistant to nearly 200°F (85°C)

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