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Walk-Away Door Lock Device for Hyundai/Kia/Genesis

Walk-Away Door Lock Device for Hyundai/Kia/Genesis

As you're aware, your Hyundai, Kia or Genesis will not automatically lock your doors for you after exiting the car. This device solves that problem! Exit your Hyundai Ioniq 5/6, Kia EV6/EV9 or Genesis GV60, close all the doors and the car will automatically lock 10 seconds later! It won’t lock the doors if the keys are left behind unless the car is in accessory mode (start button pushed once without your foot on the brake pedal.)

If outside of the US, purchase here

View my video demonstrating the device in detail here

Please read the instructions prior to purchasing to make sure you are up for this task! It's an easy installation but if you've never worked on a car or electrical before, you may want to consider getting it professionally installed.

Remember, you are installing this device at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damage or change in vehicle behavior that you incur due to improper installation of this device.

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In this kit you will receive all the necessary hardware for a quick installation in your Ioniq 5/6 or Kia EV6/EV9. The only tool you may need is a pair of pliers and a flat head screwdriver.

Wire-Tap Kit contains: Control module with 3M foam adhesive tape and four T-style wire taps. Optional is the case for the control module.

EV6 owners without automatic unlocking doors (Light/Wind Trims in US), you can add unlock on approach with this device but there is a bug where the horn will honk once when it unlocks the doors. I believe this to be related to the security system. GT-line owners may also experience additional movements on there drivers seat when changing between driver 1 and 2 positions. This can be alleviated by starting the car within 10 seconds of entering OR disabling the easy exit feature that moves the seat rearward when you open the door to exit.

You can disable and enable this device using the following procedures. You should disable if the car is to go for repairs to not cause confusion for the technician.

  • Disable/enable by short pressing trunk button on the remote 3 times after turning off ignition and stepping outside the car.
  • If you set DIP switch 1 to the on position, you can enable/disable the device by pressing either the lock or unlock button on your key fob three times rapidly.

Other noteworthy things:

  • If the car is on or placed into utility mode and you leave the car, it will not lock
  • If the car is in accessory mode and you leave the car it will lock. Keep those keys on you!
  • If you close and leave the car before your passenger doors or rear hatch are closed, it will auto lock the car after all remaining doors are shut
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